LG Scarlet




Online ads and websites.

Pitch win for working alongside new york and Tequila London.

With David Nutter on board (director/producer of Smallville Supernatural). The idea/spoof was that Scarlet was a new hit TV series produced by Nutter and starring a glamorous girl.

This teaser campaign included on and offline PR, online ads, social media groups, news papers and interviews were used to give the look and feel of a new TV series coming to our screens. The girl posing as Scarlet even gave various TV appearances always suggesting she had a secret.

This then culminated with the launch - premier - of the TV (an event in L.A), which revealed that Scarlet was in fact a new type of Television.

Outdoor, T.V, digital ads and a website were then rolled out to advertise the reveal of Scarlet.

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